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Have Yourself Checked for Early Signs of Oral Cancer

Quick Oral Cancer Screenings with the ViziLite Test

Take the ViziLite Oral Screening Test Today!

Oral cancer is not a high-profile disease like some of the other well-known types of cancer. The lack of limelight has also resulted in a lack of awareness, unfortunately.


A significant number of Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year and a lot of them are not tobacco users. Moreover, the mortality rate for oral cancer is also quite high.


Taking all this into consideration, it's recommended that you have yourself and your loved ones screened for oral cancer at the earliest.

Screening for oral cancer is made easy with ViziLite. The test takes only minutes to be performed and involves a dentist examining your mouth under a ViziLite light source.


Any early sign of cancer shows itself under this light, which is easily picked up by our knowledgeable dentists.


Fix an appointment for a ViziLite oral cancer screening with Central Ohio Dental Associates today and rest easy.


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